Intelligence Services

Cybertech Defence offers a multitude of intelligence services that were honed in military and government level intelligence agency level operations. Many services are listed while others can be requested via a consultation.

Proactive Defensive Intelligence

  • Advance Travel Assessments

  • Crisis Planning & Response

  • Detection of Online Impersonations of High Net Worth (HNW) Individuals

  • Executive Digital Protection

  • Online Threat Assessments

  • Online Identity Removal & Obfuscation

  • De-indexing Search Engines

  • Online Reputation Management

Risk Management

  • Identity Theft Investigations

  • Cyber Threat Research & Analysis

  • Online Black Propaganda Discovery

  • Proprietary Information Leakage

  • Counterfeit/Gray Market

Intelligence Discovery

  • Hard Target Attribution

  • Moniker Humanization

  • Offensive OSINT Ops

    • Spearfishing

    • Pixel tracking

    • Controlled Actor Interactions (for the purpose of collecting intelligence or purchasing client intellectual property)

  • (Mis/Dis)information Detection and Analysis

    • Inauthentic activity detection

    • Operational persona discovery

    • Network enumeration via infrastructure mapping

  • Social Media Investigations & Monitoring (SOCMINT)

  • Targeted / Location-Based Social Media Intelligence Collection

      • Personality / Sentiment Analysis

      • Threat / Opposition Research

      • Metadata Preservation - Online Alias Generation & Proliferation

  • Digital Humint / Social Engineering

  • Deep Web Source Discovery and Collection

    • Customized OSINT Collection Strategy

    • Comprehensive & Exhaustive OSINT Coverage

    • Expert-level Intelligence and Analysis of PAI